Aviator strategy and tactics - how to win?

The Aviator game is fair and absolutely unpredictable, it is impossible to influence the outcome of the round. However, if you follow certain tactics and strategies, you will win more often and will definitely win a lot of money. The performance of our game strategies has been confirmed by our team.

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Single bet strategy

The strategy and tactics of the Aviator single bet game is the safest and most suitable for beginners or cautious players. Attention when playing Aviator in one bet is not dissipated and you can focus on the game.

The two bet strategy allows you to cash out one bet at a low odds and the second bet at a higher odds.

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the deposit from which you will start playing. We recommend that the deposit is enough for 200 bets, only in this way you can expect an almost guaranteed win or at least a refund of the deposit.

If 200 bets is a large amount, 100 is allowed, but no less. All strategies are divided into 1 and 2 stakes.

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Strategy Game Aviator 1.2x-1.3x

This strategy will not bring a lot of income right away, but it will allow you to confidently increase the amount of the deposit, lose less, and besides this, it will help you better master the game. The essence of this tactic is to interrupt the flight at small coefficients, x1.2-x1.3

You can use the automatic game mode and autobet. When the balance rises you can gradually increase the size of the bet, gradually increasing your income.

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Game strategy Aviator x2-x3

We recommend this strategy for playing Aviator to those players who are already confident in their abilities and who have enough funds. In this tactic, you need to play at x2-x3 coefficients.

The probability of a result with a multiplier x2-x3 is about 40-41%. In addition, when there has not been a major loss for a long time and when you are confident in your own abilities, you can take a chance and fly off at a higher coefficient. This can seriously increase the deposit.

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Game strategy Aviator x100

This strategy is for those who are confident and ready for a big win that can change your life!

100+ odds drop out approximately once every hour or two. You need to see when the last result was with a multiplication of x100 or more, skip an hour and start actively betting. Patience and perseverance will definitely bring results.

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Aviator 2 bet strategy

For the first bet, we recommend choosing an autobet and stopping the flight on x1.2 multiplication, and playing the second bet using the moderate risk strategy that was described above for the single bet game.

If you want to add spice and excitement, we advise you to interrupt the flight at x40 multiplication with one bet, and the second bet at x100. Thus, you will be able not to spend the entire balance at once and wait for large odds and huge profits.

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